Why Choose St. Croix Hospice in Chicago

St. Croix Hospice caregivers at our branches in the Chicago metro area live in the communities they serve, providing in-person care for hospice patients wherever they call home, including private residences, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We bring our expert care directly to you.

Services We Offer

Expert Clinical Care

Our holistic hospice services put patients at the center, surrounded by an expert hospice care team who provide comprehensive physical, emotional and spiritual support.

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Family Support

Chicago hospice care includes support for loved ones to address end-of-life questions, help with advance care plans, respite and vigil care, and offer bereavement support.

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Lighthouse End-of-Life Planning Program™

This program offers a range of complimentary tools, valuable information and training to assist you in preparing for the future.

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InTouch Family Connection Program

Tools, technology and support to keep patients and loved ones connected throughout the hospice journey, even when they are apart.

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North Star Dementia Program™

Proactive symptom management for hospice patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia-related disorders to provide a safe environment and improved quality of life for patients and caregivers. All of our local branches serving the Chicago metro area have Dementia Care Certified team members on staff.

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Voyage Vigil Program™

Increased hospice care team presence at the bedside when signs and symptoms indicate a patient is approaching their final days.

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As part of the St. Croix Hospice North Star Dementia Program™ staff are Dementia Care Certified by the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI).

Your Care Team

Graphic displaying St. Croix Hospice care team specialities

  • RN Case Manager: St. Croix Hospice RN Case Managers ensure in-person hospice care services are coordinated and managed appropriately. The RN Case Manager facilitates communication between our local Chicago hospice providers and other health care providers involved in the patient’s care. The RN Case Manager secures all necessary medications, supplies and equipment related to terminal illness and related conditions. The RN Case Manager incorporates specialized nursing skills related to palliative care and end-of-life care into all clinical care provided. The RN Case Manager will provide the patient and family/caregiver with education regarding the disease process, self-care techniques, end-of-life care and processes for addressing ethical issues.
  • Physician Services: St. Croix Hospice Physicians provide oversight of Physician Services by complementing attending physician care, acting as a medical resource to the interdisciplinary group, assuring continuity of hospice medical services and confirming the appropriate measures to control patient symptoms.
  • Social Worker: St. Croix Hospice Social Workers offer support to patients and caregivers for the emotional challenges of terminal illness and hospice services. Services provided by the Social Worker include counseling, identifying community resources, help with funeral plans or legal matters, and information about advance directives.
  • Hospice Aide: St. Croix Hospice Aides administer routine personal care including: bathing, washing hair, range of motion activities, dressing changes, assisting the patient to the bathroom, use of commode or bed pan, assisting with meal preparation, feeding the patient, light housekeeping and/or linen changes. Hospice Aides do not administer medication. Aide activities will be assigned and supervised by the RN Case Manager throughout the course of hospice care.
  • Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapists: For those needing rehabilitation services as part of their in-person hospice care in Chicago, St. Croix Hospice contracted licensed Therapists or licensed Therapy Assistants provide rehabilitation services to promote the patient’s ability to continue activities of daily living, perform basic skills and manage symptoms. Rehabilitation services are not necessarily appropriate for all hospice patients.
  • Volunteers: St. Croix Hospice Volunteers work hospice care teams in Chicago to provide companionship, emotional support and conversation. Volunteers may be scheduled regularly or come for a single visit.
  • Spiritual Counselors: Non-denominational St. Croix Hospice Spiritual Counselors, or “Chaplains,” provide spiritual care when requested. They can help patients and families navigate feelings such as fear, grief, forgiveness and anger during scheduled visits. Chaplains can also provide guidance with funeral services or connecting you with other spiritual support in the Chicago area. Chaplains will not try to change your beliefs or impose their own beliefs.
  • Dietary Counselor: Nutritional counseling may be implemented to ensure dietary needs are met.
  • Bereavement Counselor: Bereavement Counselors help family and caregivers navigate grief and provide information, education and resources. Through St. Croix Hospice, bereavement support is also provided for up to 13 months following a patient’s death. The primary caregiver and all family members can receive bereavement support which may include phone calls, newsletters, visits and referrals to outside organizations.