Why Providers Refer to St. Croix Hospice

By partnering with St. Croix Hospice, you are adding additional clinicians, support, education and expertise to expand the capabilities of your own team. Our partners also enjoy the benefits of:

  • Same-day admissions including evenings, weekends and holidays
  • Payment coverage for all medical supplies related to hospice diagnosis
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Regular updates to the primary care physicians and facilities
  • After-hours physician coverage, including medication management
  • Significant reduction in ER visits and hospitalizations
  • An expert hospice care team of Dementia Care Certified staff including; Hospice Aides (CNAs), Registered Nurses (RNs), Hospice Physicians, Bereavement Counselors, and more.

How To Prepare Your Staff

Consider educating about hospice end-of-life planning throughout your patients’/residents’ lives, along with other standard health information. Preparing people well in advance will decrease fear and misconception, and increase utilization which benefits your overall community.

  • Provide hospice materials and information along with other patient education tools available in lobbies and common areas.
  • Have family conversations about the differences between curative, palliative and comfort focused treatment early in the course of life-limiting illnesses.
  • Encourage patients/residents to learn more about hospice and talk with you if they have questions.
  • Review patient/resident understanding of the disease process, expected outcomes, their goals and priorities.
  • Educate your team about the hospice benefits, your hospice partners, and the signs and symptoms which might indicate someone is hospice eligible.
  • Establish practice protocols for when and how to have the hospice conversation.

It is more effective to introduce the concept of hospice early. Give patients/residents time to digest and understand the information so they can make an informed choice when the focus changes from curative to comfort care and quality of life. You can also share hospice information as part of advance care planning conversations.

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A Message from Dr. Andrew Mayo

“As a hospice provider, I hear frequently from patients and families who wished they’d started hospice care earlier in their illness. The better prepared your team is to address the elephant in the room, and have the hospice conversation early, the more likely your patients or residents will have a positive end-of-life experience.”

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Specialty Care Programs

Our commitment to the highest quality care includes these unique programs which we’ve created to offer the best possible care to each patient and family we serve. These programs also provide unique support and training for your staff.


The St. Croix Hospice BridgeCare™ program enhances the quality of care provided on weekends by bridging the gap that can occur for Friday to Monday admits.

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Intouch Family Connection Program

The St. Croix Hospice InTouch Family Connection Program demonstrates our commitment to helping patients and their families experience the hospice journey together, even when they’re apart.

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Lighthouse End-of-Life Planning Program

Our Lighthouse End-of-Life Planning Program can light the way for your loved ones to support your healthcare wishes when you are unable to speak for yourself and handle your affairs when you are gone.

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Navigate: Falls Prevention

A fall can lead to hospitalizations and/or further decline. The St. Croix Hospice Navigate: Falls Prevention Program will help keep you safe by preventing falls.

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North Star Dementia Program™

The St. Croix Hospice North Star Dementia Program™ proactively manages the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia related disorders to provide a safe environment and improved quality of life for hospice patients, families and caregivers.

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Safe + Care Promise

The St. Croix Hospice Safe+Care Promise is our continued commitment to practicing important safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses.

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Voyage Vigil Program™

When signs and symptoms indicate a patient is approaching their final days, our Voyage Vigil Program™ increases our caregiver presence at the bedside when we are needed the most.

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