Loved ones shape who we are and how we see the world. When they pass away, it is a profound change. Grieving that loss can bring about a wave of emotions, affecting spiritual, social, intellectual and physical health. Although we all experience grief, everyone’s reaction is unique. Because every person walks their own path through grief and healing, there are no rules, time limits or “right” ways to grieve.

At St. Croix Hospice, our commitment to families doesn’t end when a loved one dies. Our bereavement team offers ongoing support as you navigate your own personal grief journey.

The bereavement support we offer for 13 months after your loved one’s death includes:

  • Check-in phone calls or visits
  • Grief and loss newsletters and communication
  • Referrals to community and online resources, including grief support groups and counselors


GriefWords is an online library of articles addressing many different aspects of grief authored by bereavement counselor and educator Alan Wolfelt, PhD.

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