Guiding You Through Hospice Care

Originally founded in Minnesota, St. Croix Hospice is named after the St. Croix River. Symbols of change, rivers are restless – sometimes moving swiftly and other times peaceful and nearly still. Like life, rivers are not always easy to navigate, and it’s good to have a guide to help you through the difficult parts. We are here to be your compassionate guides for end-of-life care through hospice.

Male senior's hands holding younger female's hands

The Benefits of Hospice

The benefits of hospice are greatest when services are provided early, surrounding patients and families with a team of compassionate experts to bring you hospice care at home or anywhere you may reside for end-of-life services.

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US Map with St. Croix office locations

Providing Hospice Care in the Midwest

We come to wherever you call home. Local St. Croix Hospice caregivers are there when you need us the most. Find out more about the expert in-home hospice care we provide in your community.