How the Falls Prevention Program Works

Any unplanned descent to the floor, with or without injury, is considered a “fall.” With the Falls Prevention Program, our patients receive a full fall risk assessment as part of their admission to our hospice services. Wherever they call home, our care teams take steps to prevent a fall for at-risk patients. Additionally, a patient may meet with a physical or occupational therapist to work on a prevention plan.

Hospice patient sitting on the floor

Program Benefits for Fall Intervention

  • Care teams trained in fall prevention and fall intervention 
  • 24/7 triage nurse line
  • Reduction in ER visits and hospitalization
Hospice patient walking with nurse

Fall Prevention Tips

  • Ensure adequate lighting
  • Use nonslip footwear
  • Arrange medical equipment and necessities within reach
  • Clear pathways of tripping hazards
  • Secure or remove rugs
  • Clean up wet floors
  • Use hearing aids and glasses
  • Take prescription medications
Hospice patient walking with help of nurse