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If Hospice Were a Pill

What if there was a pill that would improve quality of life? A prescription that would ensure a chronically ill person wouldn’t have to take constant trips to the ER nor require frequent stays at the hospital.

What if this pill would guarantee less pain, less emergency medical intervention and more comfort in the privacy of their home? A person could take this pill and be assured that a team of professionals would bring care directly to them, doing everything they can to make their life easier and their time with loved ones more meaningful.

Hospice is that pill.

Less than half of Americans with life-limiting conditions utilize hospice care. But if hospice were a pill, a concept brought forth by Dr. Atul Gawande, it would be the most utilized prescription on the planet.

St. Croix Hospice offers dignified, compassionate care for patients with life-limiting conditions, wherever they call home – ending the cycle of emergency medical intervention in the ER and repeated hospital stays. Our expert local care teams include doctors, nurses, hospice aides, chaplains, social workers, massage therapists and music therapists.

When you choose St. Croix Hospice, you choose peace of mind and support for yourself and your loved ones. St. Croix Hospice means quality of life and respect of individual wishes. St. Croix Hospice means you have a guide for the journey.