Senior woman with sad look on her face sitting on a couch holding hands with younger female

What is Anticipatory Grief?

Grief is often seen as something that we feel after a loss has taken place. However, there are many different types of grief that can occur at any time.

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Male senior sitting alone on a bench looking at a water fountain

What is Ambiguous Loss?

Some forms of grief and loss do not provide a clear resolution and can appear as unresolved grief.

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Male thinking with fist shaped hands over his mouth

What is Traumatic Grief?

Losing someone suddenly or not being present at time of their death may result in feelings of helplessness or guilt. Traumatic grief can occur within hours, days, weeks or even months following the event.

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Hospice Care for Veterans

St. Croix Hospice provides guidance and support for each patient and family’s unique hospice care journey through at-home hospice services or anywhere you live. Hospice can be beneficial to both veterans and their families.

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