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This website was created in an effort to help you better understand our hospice program and how your family can benefit from all that hospice has to offer. While this website may be filled with helpful information, we know that it may not address every question that you have. Please know that we welcome all questions and are available to you day or night. Connect with us by email at or call us toll free at 855-278-2764 to speak with a member of your local St. Croix Hospice team.

We are committed:

  • Quality of life and quality care are the highest priorities.  
  • Your hospice care is individualized and defined by your goals.
  • Expect close coordination of care with your primary physician and pharmacy of choice. 
  • Our team of hospice experts will provide ongoing teaching regarding disease progression to you, your family, and primary caregivers.
  • Your needs will be responded to promptly as they arise.
  • You have access to the hospice team 24/7 for admissions, regularly scheduled visits, or unplanned critical situations (evenings, weekends, and holidays are included).
  • Therapies (such as physical, occupational, speech, music, and massage therapy) are available as defined by your plan of care. 
  • Volunteers, including Certified Pet Therapists, can be included in your plan of care if you so choose.

At St. Croix Hospice, care and comfort are tailored to your unique preferences.  We will individualize your hospice care to ensure that it is provided to you in a way that brings dignity, respect, and compassion - on your terms.   

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St. Croix Hospice Awarded Elite Status!

St. Croix Hospice is one of three hospice organizations in Minnesota to have been awarded Hospice Honors in 2015, by Deyta, LLC, and has also been deemed Elite status among Deyta's nationwide list of recipients.  Thank you St. Croix Hospice caregivers for your outstanding service and commitment to providing quality bedside care!



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